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We are coming back with another BLAST!

Save the date for this year's Almere Diwali event. 

15 October 2022 at the Esplanade Plein in Almere

We start at 13.00 until 21.00 hours

We are continuously working out more details, so follow our channels for the latest information. 

Music | Dance | Food | Fireworks | Fun

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Pyro Musical

What is a Pyro Musical?

A pyromusical gives an extra dimension to fireworks. In a pyromusical, the fireworks show is programmed to music, which is exactly synchronous with the fireworks effects. This combination of music and fireworks is our specialty. The impact on the public is huge!

In addition to sustainable fireworks, we also offer low-noise firework shows. In this way  we  minimize our impact on local residents, animals and nature.

Sustainable Ecological Fireworks

In collaboration with our firework producers, we work on sustainable, eco-friendly fireworks and special effects. For this we use a new production method that replaces  all  heavy  metals with eco-friendly raw materials.  Without  loss  of quality in color or sound! In this way we can more than meet the standards in the field of CO2 and emission. Moreover, we have replaced plastic with recyclable cardboard. Because we clean up  carefully  and recycle our left-overs, there is virtually no residual waste after our fireworks shows.


Trained and Certified

Our pyro-heroes are trained in safety, environmental and sustainability. They know exactly which  ma- terials and parts can be  recycled  and  ensure  that this happens in a proper manner. We also have the certifications ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 45001 (work-related safety and health). Our procedures are well thought-out and approved by the government. This is how we contribute to a better environment and higher quality.

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